Meditate away the meh

Sundays are definitely the day of most suffering for me. I don’t know if it’s the unholy ghost in me that flares up before dissipating or the gas from the extra fancy lunch or that I simply have the worst days on my “mondays”. Sunday is my Monday. I definitely believe in the god that forbade us to work, but he has arrived late to forgive the modern age for work work work on the Sunday. Jesus commands that we only live our neighbor as ourself, but as a person that has a lot of biblical enlightenment I’m cursed by extra anxiety and prone to minor sins on sundays – as well as some kind of Jesus/karma superpowers making this day or the week genuine hell. I’m meditating on not being in touch with my body and gas and trying to let “it” go- let Jesus/Buddha super friend plague others and be the atheist in ignorance I know every human has the right to be,

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