The Rolex 24

First off, let me tell you that the Rolex 24 hour race is more than 24 hours. It’s like four drawn out days in which our beloved heroine suffers in the wild, mostly subsisting on beer and cold ravioli, afraid of the vapors from the portapotty and walking far more than any weirdo should walk. The cars are so amazing- accented with tiny super bright pinpoints of light that pierce the darkness while they blast down the track. The paint is detailed and fine, each car significantly different than all the others, displaying company logos that are more work of art than advertising.

Art Schmart! There’s lemon bars, bud light, and riding the Mercedes Benz g6 up a metallic hill into the sky and then down again. There’s also waiting for your boyfriend to come back after a photo shoot so you can brave the world of the racetrack with him and grab his booty.

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