What’s this painful life for? I’m an alien

When I return home to my planet, reincarnate or whatever, there will be much joy. My head will be safe and my chakras filled with blessings. I’ll feel healthy and people will care and I will care about them in return. I’ll need no god, fear no god and things will turn out well. I’ll be benevolent and gregarious. The aliens will offer me a job I love and respect me for doing it. They’ll be like, how was your past life on earth? I could say it was a joke but there was nothing humorous. It was torture, it was painful, it required too much of me, and it was a mistake. I wasn’t well received. I had a purpose I didn’t understand, basically I was an underrated glory hole. Takes death and it’s minions from both sides. so if I haven’t told you today? Fuck you!

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