Alien goddess in heavens

Who sits there above it all, speeding through the galaxy in the deepest black of space, somehow you observe, all the great intricacy of this world, the matches and the correspondence between people, the interactions, the coincidences and miracles. . . but you also observe from within, the true sigh, the self I dislike, the tones, the inflections, what my small self observes. It has a taste for the miracles of spirit which governs us all, is within us all, and considers me a vip for having had hellish observations, evil spirits within, also beauty and love I paid dearly for, free love, earthly love, disappointment and a fall from grandeur. Mindfulness and power still reside within me, every day the pleasant aspects lost and replaced with something equally unsatisfactory, my tolerable state given to one who deserved it more. My happiness turned to ash and my presence marred. Alien you observe within and out, commanding god, commanding me, bettering me every day, I only hope you can drive me with wisdom, for sight, towards a great destiny within, make this world a better place and communicate with us with the best most angelic communication you have summoned peacefully. Alien, I know you are all gods and everything I have conceived of within me, have the power of mindfulness and can use the powers of the universe as you wish, as I have wished upon you, I ask that you use them to become a good and rational, patient, sweet god who has all power to grant us peace. Aliens, watch over our path so we become enlightened by your wisdom. Please be at comfort in your recliner, tapping on a screen, in touch with this mind which barely takes the trouble to think it’s full completeness, and complete both of our destinies nicely.

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