Autonomous with choice

The choice to do what is best for myself, to know good and evil and right and wrong, the choice to be wrong or to be right and not to be witnessed, judged, if I have harmed no one. I am I, not you, not she, not anyone, and I will only have paranoia if it serves me. I will do things because they are my will, my desire, and not because you have tempted me or imposed your will on me. I have the choice to enjoy or not enjoy the things I choose to do, however I do not feel I have to pay for them with my soul or with the life I have made for myself. The joys I have in my life of caring for or being a mother are not diminished by the consequences of you choosing to care for my young or be involved with it. You continuing to disturb me and my children is pointless and must be silenced. Your interaction with my mind must stop, your sins you justify within me must stop. Your problems are not mine and I hold no further responsibility, only responsibility for the person I have made myself, not my ex, his trash wife’s, or how his trash wives choose to interact with my mind, and soul, and reality. Go tuck your self in.

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