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I did an online confession, just a cleansing and forgiveness of my weird psychopath thoughts and things I did because of thoughts that were planted. I’m meditating, assholes are surrounding me and the world wants me to be guilty, damned, but I have done nothing wrong and admit to my evil nature that I wish to be removed, my alignment and the material world around me are good, yet the thoughts I think about things around me, the labels, the brands, should not be controlling me, I should see things as they are and do the right things and be good, although my good deeds, my bad deeds, my good friends, my bad friends, all bring me great unpleasantness. I’ve asked god for help with this but there is no good soul up there to help that seems to bring results, all things are evil, however only some get unpleasantness from that. Only some pay for their sins. it seems that now I’ve sought god even further I am going deeper. My good intentions put me in the place of demons. I’ll never transcend.

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