Crazy is not a personality trait

Express yourself, feel the shame of what you are. It might be worth it. anyways, there’s nothing. Nothing out there, nothing to see in this rapid soul. Nothing but triggers. Nothing but fucking triggers. Damned for the devil, damned fir the Christianity, damned for the wicked, the rich, the poor, the ugly, the unloved worthless life I’ve led, it feeds the machine, my insteps and wrongdoings and dislikes and there’s no end to it. I won’t be friends unless there’s a radical change and spiritual malady cured, a psychic fix. The wrong positivity, the sneaky poison, you drink my tears and eat my fear. You spam me with hateful problems and the worst states of my life. I don’t like anyone I’ve ever met. I’m not your firewall and I’m not Satan. I’m not Jesus here to save you by taking on the punishment of a thousand whores. It couldn’t be just one. I’m not always an operating system, with fucking graphics and word and instant messaging. I’m not generating energy for people sucking up chi and positivity. All the powers are worthless if I can’t fucking figure out why god would make me have these to never benefit myself. I’m such a “peaceful” person. Fuck u all of you residents of Babylon.

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