What makes anyone think that when they are dead they have more power than the living? That they have knowledge and vision in heaven if they don’t innately have that power as a living being? Meatsacks drag us down? You can try to have faith that it’s everything and whatever u want Is there- it’s supposed to give you accurate information, whatever makes you happy right, happy memories, maybe your loved ones greet you, the dead ones – so they know everything u been doing down there, I’d arrive at heaven in a bucket of shit shame for my thoughts, actions, state of my soul and ways I reacted to pain and judgement

Peace among worlds. I wanted to say that to every customer today. Fuck u much obliged sir peace among worlds

Can’t be happy – I hope I pick the winning end of the stick of shit this intergalactic battle in my mind represents – I suppose I choose how I end up ands how I will experience glory because I see the future with supersonic psyche.

I guess god/privacy/perception of god is despite all his imperfections, the awful things he said in the Bible, but the goodness he was through his son on earth, it’s all been made up for by the gift of people knowing you and loving you despite your faults. He is in everyone – you and me, and as I read the book I see that he’s guilty of all things, even sacrificing his child for the better.

The strange thing is – how did a material Jesus come down with half healed wounds in his hands abd a physical body? Very good liar. He could make us believe anything.

Killing Jesus and bringing him back to life over and over again, really yet symbolically fir all eternity is a little weird ritual not unlike Buddhists obsession with suffering and dying daily, I guess the French call the orgasm a petite death 💀 they say it’s the Jews who like as many rules as possible and never get saved by orgasms or Jesus dying, they just wanna kill him which does not infer they worship a different god, just an interpretation that he never forgives anyone through death of his child.

A child that never sinned, so never truly knew suffering. He knew it through the agony on the cross. They made Jesus pay fir saving ours, but did they each make us pay for our own? We relive his drama, however we pay for other sins, not our own, the sins of the devil that made us do it through miscalculated thinking, blindness to common sense, ignorance of his influence.

I’m not getting into judgement – I agree when the world is forcing and forcing you to be a whore – he who cast the first stone to punish her, but the devil who condemned her to that life must have reason for waging war on a human body and souls and feelings worth, the powers of hell which ppl seek protection from
And have found no relief except through religion, and the price of her salvation, and woman’s salvation which is discussed throughout the entire Bible. 3 asses for a cow.

Anyways – since Jews don’t believe, yet believe in those rules in Old Testament, and don’t listen to parts about heaven and manna etc or where god lives, they force Christianity’s beliefs to have a satan which they condemn based on the assumption that we were judged. Judged.

We also operate on that god knows all. people that automatically abide by rules don’t mind many of them fir protection, those whom were born to break them rather would have no fear of consequence.

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