Chiropractors have Answers!!

Much credit to the world of chiropractics that I encountered at the Chiropractic Life Center in Clermont. The dizziness, black spots, anxiety to the point of not being able to get out of bed without hyperventilating have gone!!! My first adjustment the chiropractor adjusted me and that was my last severe anxiety attack. Just like that!!! I went to – not a quack as people advised me, an educated fine and charismatic and friendly, kind, caring, set of doctors that adjusted me and sent me home with kombucha. Exhillersting day next day. No migraine, less pins and needles in my arm, and no deep anxiety to the point of vertigo, bumping into walls, getting fisorientsted and “dementia” as I called it, persisting lack of memory to the point of screaming when I can’t recall the right answer to a simple question. It was destroying my life. Yes, goodbye to that.

The next visit they told me I had severe issues. My spine in my neck was pressuring my brain, at the base of the brain, sometimes called the God center – where your pineal gland is located, causing issues that radiate, causing migraines, shooting into my shoulder and caused by straight rather than c shaped neck bone. Also hips out of alignment. Not a pain or anxiety since!!! I’m so happy in my second visit I asked my kind and nondescript discriminating doc if she liked candy or anything? She said – “cheesecake”. Tomorrow on the way there I’ll get her a nice one.

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