School and work and how those two are working out

Happily I’ve been doing excellent in the one course I need for Ucf- and dropped two classes. The other class I kept was the psychology of adjustment. I’m taking a class in com2 which I need to be admitted to Ucf- but was thinking I’d go get an aa in addition to my as rather than go through applying to Ucf again. Currently I have a a in com 2- wish me luck in keeping it. I’m doing my very best.

I’ll find out this summer if I am accepted. I’ve contacted the students with disabilities office to ask if they can do grade forgiveness on my classes from 1996, I was mentally ill and not on meds. Wish me luck folks. I work 40 hours a week and go to school- not full time, but part time. My antipsychotics make reading and math hard. I had to drop environmental science and math concepts because I could not retain information and own it.

Reach for the stars

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