Reversekundalini my job

Yes, yes, yes, a relief from my “enlightenment” and some real world satisfaction. A awesome awesome supervisor on my side, quietly addressing my issues I claimed in my arbitration with positivity and gregarious friendship. Hero to my soul. We’d get along great in real life. I’m going to go back to mentoring new hires which both teaches me a lot and is gratifying in every way- also instant friendship with your crew.

This is following a stunning stretch where positive thoughts and mind activity are more the norm than the exception. I wake up thinking the most positive 80s soundtracks in my head, sorta singing a happy tune into the kitchen. We got a new cappuccino kuerig and the coffee is so good- with hot or cold steamed milk.

My schedule may change slightly because of mentoring but I bought some truly stunning jackets and blazers for work and Calvin Klein pants etc- I feel like a boss.

Paul and I are planning a vacation to Virginia and I truly believe that will be a ton of fun. There’s a hotel up on skyline drive we want to stay at. I saw some pictures definitely stylish enough for me for sure abd you can look at the blue ridge mountains right from the balcony. –

He’s right- I do need friends. Too hard to be friends with the friends I have but folks at work are so interesting and easy going if they are being themselves as am I also myself. I figure that’s how it is for most ppl 99.7 percent of the time. I pray to god I just love everyone. I can’t stand to be afraid of ppl in the hallway because their identities are battling to take over my will. When people look weird, what’s the right thing to do it say? Is there any point in walking away? A joke I can tell? A curse or a spell? Just announce yeah sure there was a point in my life I fucked a lot but that’s behind me, no reason to eat your spaghetti that way? Jk- I don’t blurt out insanity but I sure will share it with you. People sit at the smoking table and eat yogurt for vaginal health. The hottest and I mean hottest girl does. Fuck it, I’ll be bringing vegan yogurt. I wonder if it helps tour vagina the same way. I digress. I do need friends, the allies like my new boss. The allies like my friends from mentoring. Eventually everyone in the building works with everyone if you stay there long enough. I hope someday they look like real friends, or is this the keep your enemies closer philosophy? Fight fire with fire abc enemies with love (bullet in the gun, Paul Oakenfold)

Anyways – been vaccinated twice now with the Pfizer shot. Synchronous with getting carpet replaced and the formaldehyde gave me an intensely burning throat and burning nostrils crying eyes and fluid in my ears. Bad bad chemicals. Then I completely lost my voice for almost two days and had to whisper. Bet Paul was happy I was so quiet. He gets odd complexes about me speaking loudly but I talk to half deaf people all day.

Who knows what odd memory of a song I will recall tomorrow? Probably the kind of music they play at the nail salon. “Baby come back – you can blame it all on me”

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