This is a Business Ethics Class Assignment

EEOC v. Parker Drilling Co., (D. Alaska No. 3:13 CV-00181-SLG filed Sept. 18, 2013) (resolved May 29, 2015)

The EEOC determined that the declining of employment to Kevin McDowell, who had worked in his field successfully regardless of injuring his eye. Losing his eyesight as a child caused him to be discriminated against because of a disability that would not affect his job, as he had worked successfully in his field. He was a successful oil rigger. They claimed they could not employ him due to the loss of vision in his eye. They withdrew their initial job offer and the EEOC determined that that was a violation of the Americans with Disability act and rewarded him with money for emotional distress and lost wages.

This is in violation with the Americans with Disabilities act, and I believe that act is important as people with disabilities deserve every protection under the law to prohibit companies from only employing certain types of people. Regardless of valid job qualifications, accommodations for people with disabilities are necessary, although in this case he needed no additional accommodations, simply a recognition of his lifetime success in his field and valid work ethic and necessity for work. If this Act were not in place, people could be denied jobs even if they are qualified and well suited for their job, regardless of whether their disability even affected the job they applied for or were employed for.

The EEOC rewarded him 15,000.00 for emotional distress, and 230,619.00 in back pay.


EEOC Website- Fact Sheet on Recent EEOC Litigation-Related Developments Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (Including the ADAAA)

United States Department of Justice Civil Rights Division

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