State and Local Government Class

Elaine Malinowski

Flavored Tobacco Products Ban Referendum – CA

I disagree that flavored tobacco, snuff, vapes or any such products should be banned on the grounds eliminating the enjoyment of addictive substances only punishes the addicted and does not discourage new addictions. On the same grounds, for the same reason they banned energy drinks in beverages, alcoholic beverages should be made to be unpleasurable and not easily enjoyed or cultivated for maximum relaxion, enjoyment, and comfort. As well as recreational marijuana, which its users claim is essentially good tasting and has appealed to youth inherently for decades. My argument is that addiction starts in the family and in peer pressure from idolizing the family more than peer pressure based on its pleasurable nature, as alcohol is seen as “for relaxing times” and so are vapes and cigarettes. Another argument for this is that nicotine addiction genes are hereditary. Not based on enjoyability of habit, as many nicotine users have tried to quit multiple times, according to the article referenced below. 

“Variations in several genes have been suggested to contribute to smoking behavior, and research has been focused on two broad classes of candidate genes: 1) genes that may influence the response to nicotine (e.g., nicotine metabolism, nicotinic receptors) and 2) genes that may predispose to addictive behavior due to their effects on key neurotransmitter pathways.”

Nicotine is the primary reward component in tobacco products.

Right to Firearms Amendment – IOWA

I believe Iowa should have the right to own and bear firearms with restrictions to this rule because a person has a right to defend themselves against intruders to the country, to their homes, to their families and to their bodies. On the same grounds I believe anything that restricts a citizen’s right to freedoms entrusted to them by our constitution, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, be it not affecting another person’s freedom to do the same can be defended by first -our police departments and military. When needed to defend themselves people should be able to take action to defend their life and freedom. I’m not defending the parental opinions, “That we brought you into this world, we can take you out.” That violent mindset should require laws to protect our schools from mass murder. Laws should require a gun safe if children are present, and a background check to ensure the gun doesn’t get into the wrong household. There is nothing wrong with feeling protected, however an automated rifle is not for personal protection or for game hunting. I would restrict access to weapons of mass murder. Perhaps we could consider a special license for weapons of mass murder.

I believe all people should take safety courses such as these.

Authority to Recompile the State Constitutions

I think, not based on lack of confidence in the previous/initial constitutions, but for future generations we should be allowed to transform our thinking and ways of judging laws so that history’s corrections won’t be remembered for all posterity, as our mistakes are not. This has to do with basing cases on related cases and always interpreting the law the same way. Just as every mind is not capable of seeing the law as a treaty that can be signed upon and never breached, every judgement cannot be seen without looking with human eyes, not precedent, on the particular case. I believe that people are, yes, able to be entitled to defense but always the defense is made to be barricaded into a wall of the interpretation of crimes that were committed in different times, environments and by other people, including other judges – and the judge in front of them cannot be held responsible for the judges that formed the rules that were written that she signed declaring she can uphold them.

North Slope Oil Production Taxes – Alaska

I believe oil should be taxed heavily as electric cars are becoming more available and we drive less (now) due to Covid-19. Our environment is declining and we are in a conflict with heavy oil producers. To reduce our consumption of this precious natural resource we should make more tax on this, and less tax on gambling and recreational substances so that tourism and convenience are encouraged for the state of Florida and for the individual.

Use Income and Property Tax Revenue to Support Children and Individuals with Disabilities Amendment

I think supporting children and individuals with disabilities is a wonderful thing to do with taxes, property taxes seem fitting as those are generally the first reason why the disabled need help and support as so many become homeless and living in homes as non-violent non-criminal individuals.,_Use_Income_and_Property_Tax_Revenue_to_Support_Children_and_Individuals_with_Disabilities_Amendment_(2020)

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