My True Love and I (Where I have been Hiding)

My true love, Paul and I went up into the mountains together and loved what we saw. I have too many pictures to show you today but the jist of our whole trip was mountains and love. His flight up was good and his fun was intense – we went to a restaurant and had barbecue after driving out to smoky mountains and getting way up high above the clouds and the rest of the world. I haven’t looked at all my pictures of this week yet – there are a thousand or more, but this is what I have to offer you today. Ill post pictures of my beautiful house later and tell you more about its personality and quirkiness. Paul flew back yesterday so I spent the day working on my photos and relaxing. I had a few of my mental illness episodes flare up and I listened to music and am working on printing some pictures out for my love. He is truly a good man for what he has gone through and its all for a very good purpose, he is someone I love, trust and who does not back out on me, a gift from God above truly as I have not been easy. I hope there is great reward for him somehow for being a caring shoulder and soulmate for one of the least of Gods creatures, I love him and need someone to love and be loved by that is real and concrete and not only that, the best of the best. He has a good, intelligent, wise mind and an eye for art and beauty and enthusiastic intellect. Id never give up on him and Id never leave him for someone else.

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