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Elaine Malinowski

We’ve enjoyed deleting rants from everything including my lingerie shots of the whore of babylon to my ideas about the first steps of anonymous programs, coming from a person who crafts brews for “powers”. No, what this is really about is the kundalini root chakra which awakens you from the base of your spine connecting you to the earth all the way to the tip of your crown connecting you to heaven. . . but sometimes things will go wrong. . . .


. . . . and you have a painful blockage, kundalini fire, mental illness, awareness of spirits,

. . . but they are not “good” ones. Why?

Things that can’t be spoken of elequontly well or enough. Medication helps some. .. gabapentin to quench the fire, alcohol to soothe the spirit, antipsychotics to close the third eye, celibacy to settle the root chakra and pain in the spine and extremities, but instead of closing the chakras, I focused on closing and opening them, as I couldnt help attractions and spiritual parasites and polluted myself with spiritual death and then meditated, burned candles, got baptized and visited a monastary. Read the bible cover to cover over and over again, and who wants to read about a person who did that? Not me, I still cant tell you how close Jesus is to me when the next day I say Vishnu, Lord, you are what i need today, and Yahweh loves me, but Krishna is the one I love today because he says he is the supreme God so that must be true, but Yahweh scientificly takes into account in his dealings with me that I am loved by him and it is in writing. Buddha competes with no one and when I say I cannot choose a God, I find zen in his MccDonalds colored robes and the peace I feel lying in the grass escaping the confusion of the suffering of life and the dillema of choosing a favorite God and the burden of having chosen so many spiritual paths in earnest in a lifetime, even if only in earnest for a day and feeling as fickle as a pickle because the guru and student of life in me told me I could learn through belief and states of enlightenment. Some say you could never be a cucumber once you are a pickle and cucumber I am, I have nothing to prove but love for what the gods represent, faithlessness in human institutions love for all incarnations of the divine and the supreme caring attractiveness of my partner Paul and the Krishna wedding vow I take in my mind, Paul, you will always be my favorite of all my male friends. When he is not my favorite, I recall we haven’t actually married.


We all have opinions! Curious about the opinion of my audience?

Curious how many of you think you are woke?

Just click in the poll below and start editing.

And everything else you expect from enlightenment is available, if you do the ritual to achieve it. Devils, angels, chakras 10 feet tall, elohim that possess you with golden light and two dimensional demons that can strike you with heartfelt stabbing pain. You can see a pretty girl and know why shes pretty and get better at reading her mind every day that week and soon enough read anyones.

One God, Many Names, All Supreme, All Powerful

Don’t miss out on giving feedback. Keep your door open anytime and the communication open because I love to hear from kind souls and be challenged by the things that make me think and inspire me to read more.

So, interact with me, crowd, and let me know what you think of this site. I love to hear from you and promise there will be new photography and updates to my other sites, also, soon enough as time becomes more available.

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