Before the explosion

There’s a tensity- I can feel it in my mind, even if I choose to control it, to make it come out in a fun or joking way, I know it’s going to manifest in distracting internal voices – that affect my chakras. I’ll get an upset stomach, and feelings about it. It started out with Jesus, and then as a manifestation of some other person meant to be with the one I love and loving him and watching over him and trying to push me out of the picture and unfortunately that was not Jesus. That was the voice of – ugh, Nobody and now I think I hear it again!! Feel it’s eyes on me and ugh, gross the acid is eating me alive, this hit me at lunch this voice was going to be reinterpreted into a new mental picture, and I think if I can just play some music maybe my mind will settle down and avoid dictating- dictating a scenario instead of allowing me to have my own thoughts and my own real paranoia that allows me to better myself. We are not all meant to be. We simply are.

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