Holy Ghost he protecc he attacc he leaves your chakras not outta whack

Fortunately I have the awesomeness at my disposal to summon professionalism, kindness, efficiency, all of these things but now that I’ve left Jessica’s team I have a new supervisor and although I’m less concerned about the stars alignment and the future of this bag of blood human possessed piece of trash down from the heavens Holy Ghost, I’m concerned about things like my inner child, my tone, my stats, my brat, and what the price of peace is? What does it cost to like myself and speak to pleasant people? To watch the time fly and have good times and fond memories? To avoid constantly worrying about pedoohilia or having your soul conquered and conquested so that you can no longer work or perform? Having been molested by more than a hundred people that should have known better by the age of 18, I know insanity and poor judgement can happen in very sober people~ my autistic schizo self included. I have lost the game. What credit do I get for hanging in there? For trying so hard? For lying in the dark time and time again being repossessed and repossessed with ghosts? Now am I worthless? Interesting? Can I share my experience with a shred of credibility and style?

The holy ghost is not nobody. it possesses us all with the brilliance of experience and forgiveness – I’ve been wishing it was ignorance, or fire on my enemies, but it’s simply wisdom and sanity. I’m surrounded by legion but they don’t come inside.

The upper crust, that is I. But I’m also the peanut butter and jelly sandwich pig out on a day you’re super weird and the world ain’t done u good and u wanna b a kid again. Also- can Ipad’s not communicate with androids? Disease of the Oses, fuck Matt for putting the iPad I bought Amanda in his name. Fuck Matt in the gaping asshole I know is him. I laugh as I give his cheating ass itchy burny hemmoroids and worse. Eternal itchy ass. Stinky finger. I’ve got just the dil!

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