Talking with my therapist is so great. She really makes me feel welcome to communicate. I wish I had this kind of help a long long time ago. I wish my kiddo could get this kind of help. I definitely would do anything to make that happen. I told her she needs an advocate on her side and she seems unwilling to stand up for herself and be the number 1 girl I know she can be. I also am trying to do that. I think more than anything what I seek for my friends and family is for them to feel like I understand them and for me to be understood. But with a caring feeling, a feeling of care and being understood rather than the internal fight for understanding myself, what’s around me, what’s being communicated, and not responding to what’s being said because internally I’m not able to hear. I definitely want to hear, be present, be alert, and respond compassionately to people. This is an issue because of some weird mental problem I have. That was either a digression or a tangent. I want my daughter to have some therapy. As mine seems to be working well.

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