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If I gave thoughts power

Would the world be dead to me, or I dead to the world? Or simply sleeping?

If I gave thoughts power, would I have to speak them into existence?

I used to listen to a song that was from the movie, monster. Eventually I just gave up and watched that movie. It’s really a terrible and dark film about (I’ll make this short) a prostitute who is so fed up with her profession and the guys she meets that she starts killing them when they advance on her. BT was the author of the song, there are many true stories like this, but the movie “monster” actually is from another movie similar to it.

If my loudest voices went away and I was in tune with my real quiet, can you imagine the peace I would feel? The creativity and joy? I have liked who I am – what I can write and who I can be, today I’m convinced I’m dark, I’m angry, I’m wrong. That may change when I get my camera In the mail. It is late. I may never get it until I have to get a second one shipped out. UPS never tells you how late your package is. 1800asshurt

Camera arrived. I have yet to take a picture.

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